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Our custom lapel pins are the highest quality, most expertly designed and best priced custom lapel pins available


Whatever your design or logo, there is a pin type to fit your needs and budget!!!

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Custom Pins, Custom Lapel Pins, Sports Trading Pins, and More!

At Custom Pins, we like to say "whatever your design or logo, there is a pin type to fit your needs and budget." We can craft and deliver any number of custom lapel pins—from 200 to 2 million! Ready to get started? Click here to access our FREE Quote form and let Custom Pins advise, design, price, and deliver exactly what you're looking for in a custom pin.

Custom designed lapel pins for your business, club, association, sports team, religious association, or any group, allow you to build your brand, capture attention, show your support, and create a great deal of visibility.

Traditionally, lapel pins are worn on the left lapel of a suit, jacket, uniform or blouse. Many would say that lapel pins are meant to be worn in this way because it allows the wearer to keep their prized insignia, logo, badge, or symbol close to their heart. We believe this to be true! But, we also like to see people wear their lapel pins wherever they feel it's appropriate. So, feel free to display your lapel pins on work shirts, ball caps, bags, coats, or any other garments.

Don't know what kind of custom pin or lapel pin your business, group, organization, or association needs? Custom Pins is happy to help you choose a custom lapel pin to suit your specific need. We've been in business since 1998 and we've helped committee members, volunteers, and administrative assistants select and design thousands of pins for almost every need imaginable.

At Custom Pins Inc. in Westchester, NY, whatever your design or logo, there is a pin type to fit your needs and budget. Click here to fill out our FREE Quote form. Or call us toll free at (888) 922-9378 during business hours. Have questions about Custom Pins, Custom Lapel Pins, or Sports Trading Pins? See our FAQ page for answers!